For many people the reason for not investing in real estate is simply financial limitations.  

It is common knowledge that the real estate industry is one of the most profitable and reliable investments in the world but for a large percentage of the Nigerian population the entry barrier into the industry is a little too high.

This is why we are making the opportunity more accessible to anyone.

Introducing Co-Own to Resell with LandVest.

The package enables 2 or more investors share ownership on a property at The Ambiance II estate.

Why co-ownership?

1. Real estate investment is a more viable option as the financial barrier has been reduced. 
2. Return on investment and asset is stable and secured. 
3. Profitable and higher return on investments.

What do you have to do?

Book a slot with as little as 1 million naira and become a co-owner with assured 28% ROI in 12 months  when we help you to resell.

For more information send a DM or contact Primeforte Homes. 08039612697 09011117070 08059519933

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